Are edgers worth it?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

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Is an edger worth it Reddit?

Replacement blades are available and cheap (I think I paid around $8 for the last one and it lasts me around five years). The plug-in edgers are quite inexpensive so I'd say it is worth it, but if you want to just use a hand held edger or flat shovel it will work fine albeit take a bit longer.

How long do lawn edgers last?

Power-edgers are similar to lawnmowers—blades should be fine for up to three years, but look for nicks and other damage that may require replacing. Look for blades of grass that seem torn rather than sheared off as a clue that your blades need attention.

How do you keep grass from growing over edging?

7 Methods to Prevent Grass from Growing Over Edging
  1. Choose the Right Garden Border. ...
  2. Dig a Trench. ...
  3. Mulch. ...
  4. Keep Grass Clippings Out. ...
  5. Seed Grass Carefully. ...
  6. Edge Your Lawn Regularly. ...
  7. Use Herbicide.

Why I Don't Use A String Trimmer To Edge (And Why I Never Will)

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Should you edge your lawn before or after mowing?

Before you get behind the mower, trim and edge your yard to lessen the risk of damaging trees, plants, and hardscaping by getting too close with your mower. Plus, weed whacking around obstacles like trees, mailboxes, and fences will make mowing a lawn go faster, because you won't have to work tediously around them.

How often should you edge your lawn?

As a general rule, many hobby gardeners will use their trimmer and edger every few times that they mow, or at least every three mows.

What is the purpose of a lawn edger?

Lawn edgers cut a trench between the grass and hedges or other areas using a very sharp blade. A lawn edger is a tool that you can use to trim the grass on the very edge of a lawn or flowerbed that the lawnmower may not be able to reach.

Is lawn edging necessary?

Edging keeps lawn grass from invading the garden beds, but isn't necessary if you cut a narrow trough an inch or so deeper than the grass roots, all around your beds, and maintain it weekly. ... Edging goes in with the little curled-up “V” at the bottom facing the bed, not the lawn.

How often should you use an edger?

DIY Lawn Edging
  1. Try to edge at least once a year. That way you don't have to wrestle with crazy overgrowth when you decide to do it. ...
  2. Don't use your weed trimmer.
  3. Edge on a schedule. If you're only going to edge once, do it around the end of June so your edge stays fresh for the longest possible time.

Whats the difference between an edger and a trimmer?

Lawn edgers are designed to cut edges and create boundary lines, whereas a string trimmer is designed to maintain those boundary lines. ... Both can help your lawn to look sharper. Avoid those shaggy, untrimmed edges. There are some tools that can be used to both edge and trim.

Can you edge with a string trimmer Reddit?

With a little practice you should be able to do the edges with a string trimmer. A dedicated tool is best but it's not necessarily. Watch some Youtube videos to see how people hold it.

What is the easiest edger to use?

Ease of use varies among people and products, but one of the easiest edgers to use is the Bully Tools 92251 Round Lawn Edger. Just line up the manual spade edger and push down with your foot to cut into the turf. Continue this process along the entire edge to complete the job.

How do you clean up after edging?

Get a plastic paint scraper or a putty knife, and clean off the build up. For a mulching mower to work well, the clippings need to be able to "bounce around", so they are forced to go through the blades several times and get chopped fine.

Can you edge with a pressure washer?

FOR USE WITH GAS PRESSURE WASHERS, (some electric pressure washers may not fit the Edge Blasters connection and are under powered for a good clean job). ... GRASS MUST BE EDGED BEFORE CLEANING.

Is gas edger better than electric?

Gas power will give you a cleaner and precise cut with just one pass as opposed to an electric edger. They are generally more powerful, are easier to start, they run more smoothly and get the job done quickly. They are powered by either a 2-cycle engine or a 4-cycle engine. ... Also, this type of engine is heavier.

Can you use an edger on flower beds?

To edge a flower bed with a power edger, map out the design with stakes and string and walk the power edger along the edges of the flower bed. You may have to pass over the border multiple times to carve the edges to your desired depth.

How much does an edger cost?

The average price for Edgers ranges from $50 to $3,000.

Is it bad to leave grass clippings on the lawn?

Simply put, grass clippings are good for lawns because they turn into natural fertilizer. ... When you leave your clippings on your lawn, you give them the chance to decompose, releasing water and nutrients back into your lawn's soil. This helps grass grow greener, healthier, and thicker.

Can I Edge wet grass?

7: Don't Cut Wet Grass

When moisture from rain or the morning dew weighs grass down, the blades bend, making a straight cut difficult. You also can slip on wet grass, and the clippings tend to clump and not spread evenly.

Why is it bad to cut wet grass?

Wet grass tends to cut less cleanly, resulting in larger clippings. These wet clippings like to clump together and block up the mower's deck. ... Mowing wet lawns increases the risk of rut damage, since the soil is softer and more slippery for mowers, and the grass roots can more easily be torn out by the mower tires.

Should you water lawn everyday?

Lawns need approximately 1 to 2 inches of water each week in order to stay healthy and green. ... You don't need to be watering your lawn every day, but instead just need to ensure that it's getting its weekly 1 to 2 inches of water with about 2-3 waterings per week.

Which direction should you cut grass?

However, if you're mowing longer grass, I strongly recommend mowing in a counterclockwise direction. The clippings discharged from long grass can be substantial, and mowing back over them can interfere with the blades and make it difficult for the mower to do its job correctly.

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