In designated survivor what happened to mike?

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Is Mike the traitor on Designated Survivor?

Secret Service agent Mike Ritter (Lamonica Garrett) finally tracked down the White House traitor during Wednesday's “Designated Survivor” Season 1 finale, but the work is far from done for President ...

Is Emily pregnant on Designated Survivor?

She also discovers that she is pregnant, a revelation that spells even more trouble ahead for her and Aaron. Emily also has a good ending to the season after she gets the FBI to take in Lorraine Zimmer (Julie White) for her role in spreading fake news about Moss.

Why Designated Survivor is a Let Down

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Do Aaron shore and Emily get together?

Their relationship began to develop romantically. On the night of Peter MacLeish's confirmation for Vice President, Emily and Aaron kissed. The next day, Emily agreed to go on a date with Aaron to see an Elvis impersonator.

Will there be a season 5 of designated survivor?

In May 2018, ABC canceled the series after two seasons. On September 5, 2018, Netflix picked up the series for a third season of 10 episodes, that premiered on June 7, 2019. On July 24, 2019, Netflix canceled the series.

Who is the real traitor in designated survivor?

Jay Whitaker is a former U.S Homeland Security Advisor, former second-in-command of the True Believers and was the traitor in the White House. As such, he was the individual who hacked the White House and inserted the false confession to the Capitol Bombing by Majid Nassar into their computers.

Who is the traitor in designated Survivor 2?

Dax Minter is revealed as the cyberattack mastermind who also leaked Kirkman's therapy recordings.

Why was Alex Kirkman killed?

Or at least the story that Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) was told: a driver was texting and ran a red light, killing Alex after he crashed into the vehicle she was in. ... One thing holding Kirkman back is he never got closure with Alex.

Who hacked president Kirkman?

Dax Minter is revealed as the cyberattack mastermind who also leaked Kirkman's therapy recordings.

Who is the main villain in designated survivor?

Designated Survivor season 2 introduced Michael J. Fox as Ethan West, who threatens the Presidency of Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland).

Is Sasha in designated survivor really a man?

Personal life. Clayton is a transgender woman. In 2011, she was honored by Out magazine as part of their annual "Out 100" awards.

Does Peter MacLeish become VP?

Before he was sworn in as Vice President, he began to have second thoughts about going on within the conspiracy, before being reassured by his wife, Beth. MacLeish is sworn in as Vice President.

Who is the villain in designated survivor season1?

Nestor Lozano (George Tchortov)

Evil assassin super soldier Catalan, AKA Nestor Lozano, is a veteran who considers himself left behind by his country.

Does Hannah survive?

In Season 3 Hannah is recruited by the CIA. During her bioterror investigation, she eventually discovers a hidden biolab in a brewery. She dies from the poisonous gas produced in the brewery.

Who planted the bomb in designated survivor?

The D.C. Metro Bombing was an attack committed by Arturo Rojas and orchestrated by Ambassador Salimi which claimed the lives of six federal agents, including the head of the FBI, John Forstell. Following the attack, the US declared war on Kunami; believing that the Emir was responsible.

Why did Emily meet with Valeria?

Hannah cues up the video of Emily surreptitiously meeting with Valeria, but Emily explains that she was simply back-channeling some information to Russia on behalf of POTUS.

Is a designated survivor a real thing?

In the United States, a designated survivor (or designated successor) is a named individual in the presidential line of succession, chosen to stay at an undisclosed secure location, away from events such as State of the Union addresses and presidential inaugurations. ...

What was the ending of designated survivor?

In the end, Seth is found, aid is sent to Taurasi, Leo is told to follow his heart, Emily will always have a place at the Kirkman table, and a noble Kirkman takes a new path: he'll run as an independent for President, confounding the party politicos.

Has anyone been seriously injured on Survivor?

Since its debut in 2000, hundreds of castaways have played the game of “Survivor.” While many have been injured on CBS's reality TV show, no one has ever died during filming.

Did Mike from survivors hands heal?

Medical arrived shortly after and Michael was airlifted out of Camp Kucha and removed from the game. Michael healed up and even came back to play in Philippines (where Russell Swan joined him as a fellow returnee).

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