When to use downwards?

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Where do we use down?

down preposition and adverb uses. Down is often used with verbs of movement, such as 'fall' and 'pull', and also in phrasal verbs such as 'bring down' and 'calm down'. To go down something such as a slope or a pipe means to go towards the ground or to a lower level. We're going down a mountain.

What does downward direction mean?

adj. 1 descending from a higher to a lower level, condition, position, etc. 2 descending from a beginning.

What does down mean?

1a(1) : toward or in a lower physical position Don't look down. Pull down the blind. (2) : to a lying or sitting position Please sit down. (3) : toward or to the ground, floor, or bottom burned the house down fell down.

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Is down a verb yes or no?

Down can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): She was walking down the street. as an adverb (without a following noun): She lay down and fell asleep. after the verb 'to be': Oil prices are down.

How do you use the word down?

The word down can be used in a number of ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun), as in 'She was walking down the street', as an adverb, e.g. 'She lay down and fell asleep', after the verb 'to be', as in 'Shares were sharply down at the end of trading today', and as an adjective, as in 'He's been feeling a bit down ...

What is the difference between downward and downwards?

Downwards is an adverb. ... In American English, downward (with no final -s) is used as an adverb: Since the nineteen seventies, our country has really taken some steps downward.

Is on a downward trend?

If you refer to a downward trend, you mean that something is decreasing or that a situation is getting worse.

What is downward spiral?

: a situation in which something continuously decreases or gets worse Her life was in a downward spiral as she battled depression and addiction.

What type of verb is down?

down used as a verb:

To drink or swallow, especially without stopping before the vessel containing the liquid is empty. "He downed an ale and ordered another." To cause to come down. "The storm downed several old trees along the highway."

What does down with mean?

1 —used to say that one does not like something and wants it to stop or fail Down with racism! Down with the government! 2 US slang —used to say that one understands or approves of something I told them I wasn't down with lying to people. Yeah, I'm down with that.

What is the difference between upward and upwards?

Upward is the adjective, as in He took an upward swing with the bat. Upwards is the more common adverb, but upward too is an adverb, as in We climbed upwards [upward] along the ridge. All three are Standard."

What are the examples of downward communication?

In the workplace, directives from managers to employees are the most basic form of downward communication. These can be written manuals, handbooks, memos, and policies, or oral presentations. Another example of downward communication is a board of directors instructing management to take a specific action.

What is the meaning of downward trend?

If you refer to a downward trend, you mean that something is decreasing or that a situation is getting worse. The downward trend in home ownership is likely to continue.

What is the opposite of downwards?

Antonyms for downward. up, upward. (or upwards), upwardly.

How do you identify a down trend?

A downtrend is defined by lower lows and lower highs on each impulse and correction wave. If you're watching an uptrend that starts setting lower lows and lower highs, you may be spotting the formation of a downtrend.

How do you tell if a stock is in a downtrend?

If the price is lower than a moving average, the stock is likely to be in a downtrend, and vice versa for an uptrend.

What do you call a negative trend?

You can use the word decline as a noun to mean a negative/downward trend. ... Another word for declining trend is downturn.

What are the negative results of lack of downward communication?

Downward communication occurs when messages and orders are sent from the top of an organization down through to the lower levels of the organization. ... Disadvantages include message distortion, slow feedback, interpretative problems, lower morale and the fact that it's not motivating.

What is called downward?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : from a higher to a lower place. b : toward a direction that is the opposite of up. 2 : from a higher to a lower condition.

Is it working toward or towards?

The only difference between toward and towards is the s. Both spellings are correct, and they mean the same thing: in the direction of. Toward is the preferred spelling in the United States and Canada. In other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, towards is the more common spelling.

What is a good sentence for through?

She looked through the binoculars. The bullet had gone through his hand. He just walked through the door. The security guards pushed their way through the crowd.

How do you use after in a sentence?

After sentence example
  1. He has come after me. ...
  2. After the service, Alex was unusually silent. ...
  3. Hour after hour he stood and watched. ...
  4. After he left, she lifted one of the suitcases and placed it on the bed. ...
  5. "It's cold out there," he called after her.

What does down mean in slang?

As an adjective the word down can mean to be sad and depressed. It can be used in a conversation as I am feeling very down today. Down as a verb can mean to get down or to dance and have fun. I am going to the dance tonight and am going to get down on the dance floor, is a way to define down as a slang term.

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